Starfish Kindergarten

Starfish Kindergarten

The essential elements of a Waldorf early childhood kindergarten class consist of real and authentic experiences of play, handwork, beeswax molding, socializing, coloring, domestic work, watercolor painting, storytelling, puppetry, role play, singing & creative movement. Additional activities could include plant dyeing, wood working, and gardening.

To enhance listening skills simple songs and games are shared in Spanish and German. These real and authentic experiences cultivate desired qualities in the young child, such as joyfulness, musicality, sensitivity, pro-social skills, sensitivity to sounds and spoken language, physical health, emotional well-being, and good habit formation.

All of these cultivated qualities will support later academic learning.

The kindergarten program is offered as a 3-day or 5-day program, and is for ages 4 1/2 to 6.

A typical morning in the Starfish Kindergarten would include:

Indoor free play and activity

Clean-up and circle

Snack and rest

Outdoor free play

Clean-up and return to the classroom

Lunch and clean-up

Story/Beeswax modeling/Puppet play/Games

The children feel great comfort knowing what to expect and anticipate, so each day becomes known by the activity they do and/or the lunch they eat.

Monday becomes known as “Rice day” and “Painting day”.  Tuesday is” Stone soup day”, as the activity that do that morning is cutting up vegetables to help make the soup, then they eat the savory vegetable soup later on for lunch.  Similarly, Wednesday is “Bread day” as they prepare gluten-free bread in the morning and then enjoy the warm soft bread later on after their outdoor play.  Thursday is both “Community Lunch Day” and “Drawing day”, and  Friday is “Oatmeal day” and “Handwork day”

All lunches are organic and also include vegetables, fruits and cheeses to round out the meals.  Water and herbal teas are offered to drink.

The children also participate in regular beach days at Siesta Key beach  and take seasonal field trips, such as Fruitville Grove Farm, Crowley,  and Mote Marine Aquarium.