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Join us at the YOUTH ARTS FEST on Saturday, April 6, 2013. Waldorf Sarasota will host two booths: One where you can relax the day away at our KNIT-IN and the other where you can explore the beautiful work created by Waldorf Sarasota students and learn about Waldorf education in Sarasota.

Waldorf Sarasota invites you to our 2013 Knit-In and Enrollment Faire. Our booth will be located in downtown Sarasota on the corner where North Pineapple Avenue meets Central Avenue. This event has been planned with you in mind - Enjoy a relaxing day of knitting outside with your child and/or friends and then take time to watch the students perform on stage at the event (time to be announced). Student art and other items of interest will be displayed. You can pick up an application to enroll for the 2013-14 school year and meet our Admissions Director, Nikosha Orchard.



We look forward to seeing you at YOUTH ARTS FEST!


Why do we host an annual knitting event and why does Waldorf Sarasota teach knitting? Many reasons:

"It helps children with their thinking and mathematical abilities to be able to form and complete a project that includes counting, subtraction, addition, and the ability to understand complex patterns. It helps their handwriting become more precise and beautiful as their hands become more agile and coordinated. It helps with their ability to calmly work and find a pace that suits their individual abilities, while also constantly learning new tasks and incorporating them into their work, something that can serve them in all their schoolwork. And mostly I feel it teaches self-confidence. If I can create something so amazing from a ball of yarn, a piece of cloth, or a needle and thread, then what else can I accomplish in the world?" - Nikosha, Waldorf Sarasota Teacher

"I like to see the children's feelings of accomplishment and joy at finishing a project and feeling empowered to begin another. Developing the will forces students to carry on when things are difficult or a project isn't working out the way they want." - Laura, Waldorf Sarasota Teacher

"Young children can learn that when they would like to give a gift, it can be something they created with their own hands instead of something they buy from a store." - Connie, Waldorf Sarasota Teacher


Here's what our students say about knitting...

"I like to finger chain so I can make bracelets and rings." and "I like to make necklaces and decorations." - 4 year old twins

"Miss Connie, my most precious, precious thing is my gnome I made at school and the teensy bag it lives in that I wear around my neck. You make me feel so happy." - Kindergarten student

"I like knitting because it's good for my fingers. I like finishing things." - 1st grade boy

"I like knitting because my hands feel tingly and I like showing my Mom and Dad. I like getting things done." - 1st grade girl

"I like knitting. I don't know why—I just do!" - 1st grade boy

"I can make things which I can use (one of the items he has made...a golf ball holder). It's easy to travel with in the car." - 3rd grade boy

"It gives me the chance to create things I can use (sweater, socks, stuffed animals). It's fun!" - 4th grade girl


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