Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

The Faculty at Waldorf Sarasota is responsible for all pedagogical matters, which include: instruction, curriculum development, and all decisions related to the classes and classroom environments.

Full-time Faculty meet weekly to study the goals and philosophy of Waldorf education, to attend to Faculty business and concerns, to plan festivals, to engage in artistic and enriching activities, and to discuss the development, interests, and needs of individual children.


About Ms. Reneè

Seahorse Nursery Teacher/Little Clamshells Teacher

Reneé holds certifications in many areas, including Infant Sign Language, Emotional Intelligence training, Music Together, Son Rise Program training for children with special needs, pre-natal yoga, Art and Healing Classes at Ringling School of Art and Design and many more!

In 2006, Reneé moved to Sarasota, and began studying Waldorf education. She served as an apprentice in a private Waldorf inspired kindergarten and is a well known Waldorf inspired childcare provider who has served many families in this area. This summer she graduated from Sophia’s Hearth Family Center, with a concentration in “The Child and Family in the First Three Years”, based on Waldorf early childhood education and insights from the Pikler Institute in Budapest. This helped her natural talent with families with young children grow even stronger.

In Reneé’s free time, you can find her creating with nature – particularly making mandalas and mosaics, as well as enjoying the outdoors while camping, kayaking, snowboarding, skateboarding, gardening, and traveling. She truly appreciates giving and receiving the beautiful connections in the world.


About Miss Birte

Seahorse Nursery Teacher

Birte Hoag, one of our Seahorse Nursery teachers hails from Germany where she was a very accomplished RN. She was first called to our school by her eldest daughter Hailey, when she joined Ms. Connie’s parent child class as an infant, nine years ago. She fell in love with the magic and depth Waldorf education, and once both of her children became of school age, she began assisting Ms. Laura, first in the Nursery and then in the Kindergarten. This year she will complete her teacher training at Sunbridge Institute.



About Miss Laura

Starfish Kindergarten Teacher

Laura Barrett, BBA has been with us since 2010. Ms Barrett is our Starfish Kindergarten teacher. She has an Early Childhood Certificate from Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY, an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, a New York state Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills certificate, and a Florida Department of Children and Families 45 hour child care facility and literacy certificate.

Laura taught a Nursery Kindergarten class at the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School. At the Mountain Laurel School, Laura worked as a project teacher for Grades 2 and 3 and an assistant to the Kindergarten. Her experience in Waldorf teaching spans over 10 years with a emphasis on a caring and gentle approach to a child’s development and learning.


About Mrs. Dornemann

First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Dornemann is a loving and enthusiastic Waldorf Teacher. She is devoted to creating a sense of wonder and awe through storytelling, movement, singing, speech, and art: “every moment is an opportunity to find the beauty and goodness that exists within each of us and the world around us.”  Mrs. Dornemann has her Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education and has many years of teaching experience in all grades.  Mrs. Dornemann has five wonderful children and a supportive husband, also a Waldorf teacher. She enjoys homemaking, crafts, being in nature, and travel. She is looking forward to guiding her students through the 8 year educational journey at Waldorf Sarasota.


About Miss Lisa

Second Grade Teacher

Miss Lisa graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA, and then embarked on a twelve-year journey of working and travelling around the world. She returned to the U.S. in 2003 and fell in love with Waldorf education when she and her oldest daughter joined our parent/child group. While working on her teacher training, she also became assistant to Ms. Connie in the Nursery. In 2010, she graduated with her Early Childhood Certificate at Sunbridge Institute, and completed one additional year of the Teacher Training. She is also a trained Son-Rise program facilitator, and has extensive experience working with children with special needs.

After the birth of her second daughter, Lisa ran a small, home-based nursery throughout 2009. She then taught first and second grade to a Waldorf homeschooling initiative from 2010-2012. This summer, Lisa completed the Second Grade renewal course for grades teachers.  She is an avid needle-felter, enjoys yoga and loves to travel.


About Mr. Dornemann

Third/Fourth Grade Teacher

Mr. Dornemann was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He has traveled the world and loves its cultures and languages. After years as a performer and artist-in-residence in Minnesota, he became a teacher, working with students from first grade through high school. Since 2003, Rainer has been teaching in Waldorf schools, first as a class teacher at the City of Lakes Waldorf School in Minnesota and, later, as a high school teacher, for math and German, at the High Mowing School in New Hampshire. He received training through the Arcturus Institute, for the grades, and through the Center for Anthroposophy, for high school math. Rainer is entering his fifth year as a teacher at the Waldorf School of Sarasota. He is married to a Waldorf teacher and feels blessed to have five children in his family.


Specialty Teacher Bios Coming Soon